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Therapy & Counseling: Toxic Family Members

The discussion of toxic families has been on the rise recently. So many families experience conflict, and believe it or not, some conflict is healthy. The question is: At what point is conflict no longer considered healthy?

If you find yourself dealing with someone in your family who often belittles you, does not respect your opinion/feelings, is in competition with you, no respecting your boundaries it is possible you are dealing with a toxic family member. This can be incredibly difficulty, especially if the relative is a parent or sibling.

There are ways to cope with toxic family members such as setting boundaries and being firm in them, limiting contact with them when possible, identifying the cause of the toxic behavior, ignoring the toxic behavior when possible and if you desire to, it is okay to cut ties.

Cutting ties is not easy and you will have to grieve and process that loss, but it is also okay if you do not want to cut ties. Many people struggle with family dynamics, even if toxic family members are not involved.

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