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  • Stephanie Freitas

Counseling & Therapy: "Teen Issues"

A lot of people feel like their parents don’t understand them, and this does not apply just to young children or teenagers. People of all ages feel misunderstood by their parents or feel like their parents “just don’t get it.”

Communicating with your parents can be tough, especially if you are in the younger age range. Therapy and counseling can help you develop communication skills and tools to discuss things with others while reducing incidents of conflict. This does not mean that you will always get what you want but it will mean that you have a chance at building better relationship with your parents. You also don't necessarily have to have a "bad" relationship with your parents to want a better relationship with your parents. Maybe you just want to feel heard or understood more and that is okay.

The reality is that world has evolved so much that at times it can be hard for your parents to truly understand your perspective. Teens these days function more like small adults than teenagers, especially as society demands more and more of us. Just because you and your parents come from different generations doesn't mean you can't bridge the gap and understand one another.

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