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About Me

My name is Stephanie Freitas and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I work primarily with young adults, and adults. My clients are typically addressing concerns related to anxiety, life transitions, women's issues, collegiate mental health, multicultural racial/identity concerns, or concerns regarding their sexual orientation/identity. I provide my clients with safe, stigma free environment to process complex emotions, while fostering the development of skills and tools to do so.

Theory and Philosophy

I believe we all are capable of healing ourselves and that sometimes we just need a little guidance. I provide stigma free, culturally sensitive space for clients to process complex emotions. I provide a unique and individualized treatment for each client, while helping you build off of the skills you do have. During sessions I also assist you in developing new skills and tools to further assist you in overcoming life's struggles. 



I believe therapy should be relatable and feel real. I am open and honest with my clients in session while being empathetic and providing clinical support. I incorporate CBT strategies, solution focused, reality based and narrative therapy interventions. We also explore techniques from other modalities and apply them to your needs in a way that works for you.

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