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I have known Ms. Stephanie Freitas for four years. She was my sons, therapist. Ms. Freitas has dedicated her time to help not only my son during difficult times but my family as well. During the time I have known her she has been professional, compassionate, and caring to her patients.

-R.D., 4.5 years

I’ve been lucky to have Stephanie as my therapist for the past 2 years. We started out with weekly sessions and moved to sessions every 2-3 weeks as my initial concerns that I came to her with were resolving. As a multicultural citizen of the world, I was worried about venturing into therapy as I was concerned a therapist “wouldn’t get me”, that my cultural issues would seem odd, and that I would have to spend my time justifying my feelings and cultural experiences. I experienced none of that with Stephanie. She listened, she empathized and she validated my feelings. I couldn’t believe I’d found a therapist I loved!


We worked through family dynamic issues, stress-related to work, my personal/dating life and all my insecurities. She gave me exercises to work on between our meetings to mitigate my stress and help me when I was feeling overwhelmed. I began to think “What would Steph say if I told her about XYZ?” to change my thoughts and subsequent actions.


One of the biggest things that Stephanie has helped me with is taking charge of my own life, and I always remind myself that “I have to live with the choices I make” (my favorite quote from her!). This didn’t happen overnight of course, she had the patience to allow me to slowly come to my own realizations about matters and to control how I reflexively thought about certain issues and dealt with matters.


In short, I highly recommend Stephanie. She helped me through a very difficult period of my life, and I will continue to work with her as long as she’ll have me. Therapy is not a one-time treatment session, it really is a lifelong journey of finding inner peace.

-M.A., 2 years

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