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  • Stephanie Freitas

Counseling & Therapy: "I need help with my teen."

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Parenting does not come with a handbook. I am going to say it again, parenting does not come with a handbook.

I emphasize this because parents are all too familiar with the question: “Am I doing the right thing?”

The brutally honest answer to this question is sometimes you are and sometimes you are not. That is okay. Realistically speaking, that is the best that you can hope for and hope that the mistakes you make are not significant ones.

Parenting seems to only get more stressful as the kids get older. Parenting a teen can be especially difficult because they are really starting to get to experience the world for the first time and that is scary. Teenagers also start to form their own opinions and views that may not always align with yours and that can cause tension at times.

Bottom Line: Communicating with your kids is not always easy, regardless of their age.

If you are concerned about your teen due to rebellious behaviors, academic or social problems, or concerns about depression, anxiety or otherwise individual and family therapy can be helpful. Individual therapy can be for you as a parent to fine tune some parenting and communication skills or for your teen to express and process feelings and getting to the root of any problems they are experiencing. You and your teen can also both have individual sessions and come together in family sessions to discuss pertinent topics. By engaging in family sessions, the whole family has a safe space to process emotions and express them in a healthy way.

Want to learn more? Let’s talk more in therapy. Click here and reach out today.

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