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  • Stephanie Freitas

Counseling: "What is PTSD?"

Trauma: Everyone has it. I cannot emphasize this enough. Everyone has experienced some form of trauma in their lives that has impacted them. Trauma does vary in severity but how one experiences trauma, is different for each person. For some this trauma was brief and fleeting and easily dealt with and for others it has consumed them and made it difficult for them to trust.

Trauma can be anything such as: having experienced war or combat, a car accident, witnessing violence or death, or having experienced physical/sexual/emotional abuse or neglect. Trauma can also be stem from growing up in a household where conflict is prevalent or frequent incidents of shame or embarrassment.

Trauma can feel debilitating at times, but with the right supports in place you can resume your normal routine again. Normal may look a little different but living a new normal isn’t always bad. When we heal from trauma we can redefine ourselves, meet new people, go to new places and learn new things. There are ways to heal from trauma, but it is a process.

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