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  • Stephanie Freitas

Counseling: "What is Depression?"

Depression is something that is highly common, and as such it is also less stigmatized. I like to say depression is falsely understood, everyone thinks they know what it is and what they know is right and applies to everyone. The reality is everyone experiences depression differently so everyone’s experiences different.

For some people depression looks like isolating themselves, engaging in long periods of vegetation with little or no attention to hygiene or other personal needs like eating. For others it looks like bouts of inexplicable crying, feeling irritable, feeling like you have no energy or no motivation. For some people they may even engage in self harm or have thoughts of suicide. Depression can be debilitating especially because for a lot of people they have recurring depression. However, this does not mean that all hope has been lost though. There are lots of ways to address depression, the most common being a combination of therapy and medication. There are also holistic approaches such as herbal medicine, spiritual healing, and lifestyle changes that can be made to manage depressive episodes. Let’s talk more in therapy? Reach out today at Simple Therapy.

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