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  • Stephanie Freitas

Counseling & Therapy: "I have anxiety, now what?"

You’ve been told you have Generalized Anxiety or another Anxiety Related Disorder, now what?

Chances are if you went to therapy because you were feeling anxious, you already know you have anxiety. Now you have a formal diagnosis, and you may want to take time and think about how that makes you feel.

Having a diagnosis doesn’t totally change things, except that now you have a name for what you are experiencing, and you can start to work on it. The most frequently asked question in sessions is, where do I begin?

Exploring your anxiety in therapy is going to be extremely helpful because it is going to allow to identify triggers for anxiety and other symptoms and when you have to utilize your coping skills and which coping skills to use at the time. It’s hard living with anxiety every day because when you are feeling anxious a lot of the support received from friends and loved ones (while well intentioned) is not always helpful.

Once you can identify your triggers you can now monitor your anxiety and your response to it. Remember, Anxiety also likes structure/routine, organization, and order so sticking to a schedule and a routine will help reduce your anxiety.

I also recommend that all my clients who experience anxiety and panic attacks to keep and emergency pack on them. Something that has tools and coping skills in it such as fidget toys, gum or a mantra that they can reference when they need something in a pinch!

Let’s talk more in therapy? Reach out today at Simple Therapy.

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