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  • Stephanie Freitas

Counseling: "I want a happy life."

The age-old question that everyone seems to be seeking the answer to: “How do I get a happy life?”

The short answer: You don’t get it. You create it and you build it.

The long version: Happy is defined differently for everyone. First you need to define what your happy life looks like. Is it traveling? Starting your own business or organization? Changing careers to something you are truly passionate about? Once you know what your happy life looks like then you must take the path will lead you there. Happiness is a Journey not a destination. This means we have to actively work to achieve and maintain happiness.

The other really important thing to remember is that a happy life does not mean an easy life or a life free of problems. A happy life is a fulfilled life, a life you look forward to waking up to and a life that you are not trying to escape.

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